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    The 7th grade math algebra program emphasizes abstract mathematical concepts and their application. The students placed in this course, which is the equivalent of Algebra I at the high school level, are characterized by their excellent computational skills and demonstrated readiness for abstract mathematical reasoning. The curriculum familiarizes students with all the algebraic techniques necessary for higher level mathematics. 


Class Updates

  • Unit 3: Applications of Linear Equations

    Posted by Alexa Schmidt on 11/1/2019

    In this unit of A1, students are taking the skills they learned in the last unit and applying it to real-world scenarios. We are learning about ratios and proportions, percent increase and decrease, and sales tax. A particularly hard section for students tends to be section 2.8 on literal equations and dimensional analysis - studying and practice problems are essential!

    To extend at home, have your child calculate tip or tax on a purchase.

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  • Unit 2: Advanced Linear Equations

    Posted by Alexa Schmidt on 10/11/2019

    This unit in A1, students are reviewing their linear equation skills and applying them to more difficult problems. We have learned that linear equations can have zero, one, two, or infinitely many solutions and how to solve absolute value equations. 

    The students were especially good at teaching each other applications of absolute value equations. The students were put into groups of two or three and given a sample problem and explanation for different types of absolute value problems. Together they had to read and understand the material and apply it to new problems. They worked well together and were able to act as true mathematicians - figuring things out for themselves!

    To extend at home, ask your child how fluxuating temperatures throughout the day can be represented by an absolute value equation.

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  • Unit 1: Expressions, Equations, and Functions

    Posted by Alexa Schmidt on 9/24/2019

    Currently in A1, the students are learning the foundations of Algebra - algebraic expressions, equations, and functions. We are spending a lot of time with the Properties of Numbers and the relationships between functions and equations. Check out this hilarious video that explains the concept of a function: Meat-a-Morphosis


    To extend at home, ask your child to explain the similarities and differences between a relation, a function, and an equation. 

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