• Algebra I, Part I (3rd Period)

    Welcome to Algebra I, Part I. The 7th-grade Algebra I, Part I course is designed to be the first year of a two-course program for Algebra I. Students placed in this course are developing abstract mathematical reasoning, and concepts are presented with time to reinforce skills. This class utilizes a mix of lectures, group work, math labs, and discussions to understand the content on a deep level. 

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  • Unit 1: Expressions, Equations, and Properties of Numbers

    Posted by Alexa Schmidt on 9/25/2019

    Right now in school, students are working hard to develop their understanding of the order of operations and how they are used to simplify expressions. New this year is the addition of the Properties of Numbers to justify each step of an order of operations problem. The seventh grade starts off the year with proofs because it enforces the idea of showing all of your work and having a logical reason for everything you do in math.


    To extend this at home, have your child explain (using the properties of numbers) 2(3/3)+5(8-8) is 2.

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