• Algebra I, Part II (2nd Period)

    The 8th grade Algebra 1, Part 2 course is the second year of a two-year study of Algebra 1. Students are continuing to develop abstract mathematical thinking. Concepts are presented with adequate time to reinforce skills. Upon successful completion of Algebra 1, Part 2, students are prepared for Geometry in high school.

A1P2 Updates

  • Unit 1: Exponential Expressions

    Posted by Alexa Schmidt on 9/24/2019

    Currently, in A1P2, students are learning how to use the properties of exponents to simplify exponential expressions. We then apply these properties to solve exponential equations and perform operations in scientific notation. We also learn how to write in scientific notation on the graphing calculator.


    To extend at home, ask your child if the properties of exponents apply when multiplying and dividing numbers in scientific notation! Why or why not? Can you give an example?

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