Cave Art

History/Classical Studies

  • The third grade curriculum initiates the six-year survey of Western civilization that is the keystone to the Westminster academic program. In third grade, children engage in an in-depth study of the earliest Western civilizations, beginning with prehistoric man and continuing through Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. Students will receive an all encompassing view of these civilizations by exploring not only historical events, but daily life, technology, art, architecture, mythology, literature, government and philosophy. Children will leave the class with an understanding of how a civilization is established and how its establishment plays a role in the development of other civilizations. Continued emphasis on note taking, reading comprehension, and writing will strengthen the overall scholarship of the students. 

    My goal for the year is to develop the students’ understanding and appreciation of the history and cultural achievements of these early civilizations, and to establish a firm foundation for the six year survey of Western civilization at Westminster School.